Bound (and gagged) for Florida

I’m currently on a plane, bound for Florida. I’m going to meet my parents in Tampa, and we’ll stay in their condo for X-mas. Apparently it’s not all that nice down there right now: Sunny, 9C, but I’m sure it’s better than blizzards, which were happening when I left Waterloo. I still haven’t gotten snow tires on the car, so driving was pretty painful until I got to Halton Hills. The weather at the airport was nice and sunny, and I almost got strip-searched on my way through customs.
Really. I walked through the metal detector, and it started picking up my piercings, belt buckle, change, and this pack of cough drops in my pocket (?). They even made me remove my belt and unbutton my pants to prove I didn’t have a gun down there… how flattering. Heh.
They also made me startup my laptop to prove it wasn’t some kind of bomb. Good thing I took all that porn off my desktop last night. Heh heh. Zuckervati’s laptop is Da Bomb.
We’re currently encountering some serious turbulence, and it’s getting difficult to type. I’m worried that my $2 cup of coffee is going to spill, but it’s only a 2oz paper cup, so not much harm will be done if it does spill.
Man, having a laptop on a plane trip is pretty boss. I’m currently listening to "Blank & Jones – Cream (short).mp3", something you don’t normally hear on an airplane. Think I’ll try surfing the web on the air phone, or maybe play some Halflife Blueshift, just to make the other passengers jealous.
The laptop really takes away from the horrific fear of flying in this day and age — it also alleviates the horrific fear of having to watch "Just Shoot Me", which is playing on the cabin televisions.

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