Filmic Politic

Ok, I shouldn’t be picking on the Oscars so much. True, they got the worst ratings in the history of the Academy Awards, and it was also the longest presentation ever, and a lot of the films which seemed to deserve awards were shut out, but… err, anyway… I still think “Amélie” should have won something — what a beautiful film.
Sure I’m biased. Sure I’m bitching needlessly about the Oscars. But when the Producer’s Guild, which has predicted the Oscar in nine of the last 12 years, gives best picture to “Moulin Rouge,” there’s got to be some kind of disconnect between the various guilds in the film industry. There is no denial that the Academy Awards are politically motivated. Sure, I’ve not seen all the films that were up for awards, and I concede that. I’d really like to see them all, but I bet even those in a voting capacity hadn’t seen all the appropriate films.
For an interesting discussion on the politics involved during the Oscar run, check out Roger Ebert’s website.

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