Oscar’s Chili

Made another world-famous batch of chili tonight. There’s a poor-boy lunch at work tomorrow, and all the proceeds go to the regional food bank. I always try to get some good vegetarian chili in there, and pretend it’s got meat in it. I fooled a bunch of people until they realized I’m a vegetarian, and then they were very weirded out. Nonetheless, they still come to buy my chili, so I’m proud of that. I try to make it Texas-style, just like the good folks at CASI do (although, since I don’t eat meat, I can’t make real Texas-style chili).
So, pissed off at the Oscars (again) this year. Can’t believe “Amélie” didn’t win anything! It should have taken Best Foreign Film, at least. Also very disappointed that “Ghost World” didn’t take Best Adapted Screenplay. As usual, Hollywood saw to it that the highest grossing pictures, and the ones with the best overall distribution got the Oscars. And while I enjoyed Monsters Inc., if the Academy had read this review, they wouldn’t have given it any awards. Heh, Billy Crystal plays a giant green testicle.

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