Hobgoblin Ale

Drinking a bottle of Wychwood Brewery’s Hobgoblin Ale. It’s a very good, very heavy, dark ale. I can’t get enough of this stuff — good thing it comes in a half litre bottle.
Note: I’ve updated the recipe for peanut butter squares — it turned out too liquidy for my liking. I shouldn’t have added so much water. Also, I can’t stand Nutella. It’s way too sweet for me. I think it’s beginning to overtake Marmite as one of my least favourite foods.
I’m beat. Been up since 6:00am this morning. Got paged and had to go into work over a potentially critical bug in our product. Good pay, but I would have liked the sleep better. I pretty much have to go in again tomorrow and get caught up on some of the emails piling up in my inbox.

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