A little standup

So I went rock-climbing last night, and boy are my arms tired!
[mixed laughter and applause]
But seriously, folks. This rock climbing thing was great, and I did pretty well until later in the evening, and I slipped off one of the hand-holds. I was really at the end of my tether.
[hilarious uproar and rimshot]
By the time I got down to the ground, I swore I’d never make it to the top.
[moderate chuckles, growing to a roar]
But it’s not so bad really. In fact I kind of like it. I’d really like to get into it some more, and I’ll need to buy one of those special harnesses that you tie your rope to. Heh. I already have a couple of harnesses, and lots of rope, but the guy at the club says you can’t use those types of harnesses. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought the handcuffs along…
[mixed laughter and whooping]
And what’s with those harnesses anyway? I mean, great – they’ll save your life in the event of a fall, but they’re on so tight, it’s good luck having children later!
[hilarious uproar]
And working as a instructor is great! There’s room to climb the corporate ladder, and best of all – there’s no glass ceiling!
[hilarious uproar]
…Unless you work in one of those indoor places, like Sportsworld… Not only is there a roof over your head, but you’re practically tied to your position.
[laughter and widespread agreement]

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