Bad First Date Movies

Yesterday we were talking over lunch about movies that were bad choices for dates, especially “first dates.” I remember my brother taking his date to see “Taxi Driver.” He later admitted it was a bad mistake. Heh. I hope he doesn’t read this…
I mean, sure, there are some obvious ones out there which you never go see on a date. Like “Kids,” or “Deliverance,” or “I Spit on Your Grave,” or “Mulholland Dr.” (or anything by David Lynch, for that matter). But there are loads of movies that seem harmless enough, but can cause MAJOR problems with first impressions. Films, such as “Hard Core Logo” (in which the film goes from humorous to shockingly depressing) or “Picnic at Hanging Rock” (in which the rapture-like disappearance may be just an analogy for something more human and sinister) start out innocent enough, but may end up with some dire date consequences. I am ever curious what other movies are taboo for this delicate occasion. Hopefully, I could compile enough titles for a How-To guidebook.
Pretty boring today, it’s drab and grey out, but warm. Stupid Good Friday holiday means there’s nothing open out there. It also means nothing’s going to be open on Sunday, neither.

One Response to “Bad First Date Movies

  • Private Club
    22 years ago

    Anything with Nicolas Cage or Ernest is all bad, can’t decide which is more terrible. Well Carrot Top, but that goes without saying. Maybe when Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds, Richard Gere, John Travolta and David Hasselhoff are all in a movie, I’ll have the big catch all chik flik I’m looking for to sucker in a date. They’ll probably all kick the bucket before I go on another one though.