18.99 Grand Slam Breakfast???

What the??
Took a road-trip to Niagara Falls, and got a little hungry while I was there (that and I had to go to the bathroom at one point). Went to the Rainforest Cafe, and the waiting list was over an hour…. So I snuck into the bar, and from there, the men’s room. They had a valet, of all things. So it cost me a buck to take a piss at that restaurant. Next, I decided to go somewhere cheaper, so I got off Clifton Hill (you know, the heart of the tourist sector), and went to Denny’s.
I’m thinking “Denny’s”. The cheesy, cheap diner, where you can get shitty service and crappy diner food, for a reasonable price. The wait for a table in the mostly empty place (with 4 staff just standing around and 3 parties waiting for tables) was about 10 minutes – but I wasn’t expecting killer service. My friend and I finally get a booth near the door, and a couple of menus. Get this: $18.99 for a Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast; $5.00 for a side-order of fries; $7.00 for a side SALAD; and $3.00 for ORANGE JUICE! The waitress finally shows up (I didn’t want to leave before telling them about the insane prices), and she tells me that the other Denny’s on Clifton Hill averages $2 to $4 more per item.
I’m sorry. But for $18.99, I’m expecting tablecloths, classical music, decent service, and above all, good food. Sorry Denny’s. You guys suck big. No wonder your place was empty. Hope you learn something from this.

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