Screw you, RIAA.

Goddam jerkoffs at the RIAA have forced Groove Salad off the air with their new fee rates for broadcasting streams.
Damn it! These guys had some of the best streams on the internet. I found this out (somewhat late) when I tried playing one of their streams at a get-together on Friday night. Nothing more depressing than to find out what kind of crap CARP is dishing out to internet broadcasters. The Zuckervati stream is still online for now, and I’m going to keep broadcasting as long as I can. Luckily, no one is listening, so I’m pretty much safe for now. No listeners means no royalties (heh). However, if things get any worse, I’ll start broadcasting my own music, or simply cycle the Station IDs until a better day dawns — or until I get bored of it.

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