In No Sense, Incense

I kind of set my place on fire last night. I was burning some incense, and I placed a stick of it in an old flower pot on top of my gas fireplace, in which an old, dead plant was decomposing. The place smelled sweet and spicy at first, like some place in India with a thick atmosphere. But later, the smell was quite foul, and just smelled like burning branches. Turns out the hot embers from the incense fell on top of the dead plant, and it had begun smoldering. I stamped it out, and the smell persisted for a while. I then noticed a plume of smoke rising up from the pot, and realized the dirt (mostly dried peat and other organic material) had caught fire, so I doused it all with a couple glasses of water.
To get rid of the smoke, I had to crack a window, and bring my air purifier into the TV room. I had a crazy dream that night, about coming home after a week and realizing I left all my clothes in the dryer, and left it running for the whole week. There was smoke coming out of it, and there was this loud droning (not unlike the droning of the air purifier).
And when I woke up, my pillow was gone!! Oh, sorry, wrong joke.