Time to go “There”

Here’s (or There’s) one of the more professional-looking virtual reality online worlds. It’s (There’s) currently in beta testing, but it looks like it’ll rival the Sims Online for non-gamers:

‘”There” is the first online getaway that gives you the freedom to play and talk naturally while having fun and making friends. Check out the pictures below for just a glimpse of what you’ll find in There. Then sign up to be one of our Beta Testers and see it all for yourself!

Grab a buggy or hoverboard and join a race, host a trivia contest, or create your own scavenger hunt. It’s all up to you.

Hit the shops to check out the latest fashions and cool gear in There. Or, go bargain-hunting at the There auctions.

Find a guide and he or she will show you around the island. Or explore on your own. You may even find a few surprises…

Chat with your friends and meet new people through clubs (join up!) and topic listings, or hang out at the local bar. It’s all in There.’



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