Inactive Worlds

This site is one of the first websites to go for the deep virtual reality experience. It’s been around for a number of years now, but hasn’t improved the look or function since I’ve been viewing it (and I’ve been back a couple of times over the years). Essentially the engine is about the level of Castle Wolfenstein, and you can still get through any wall or door simply by going sideways. Other than the technical drawbacks, there’s no real reason to be in here, since there’s never anyone around. Most “tourists” congregate near the starting portal and chat for free. Other members–those who allegedly pay for this service–aren’t anywhere to be seen, but they’ve created some god-awful nightmare buildings and landscapes. It’s about as fun as exploring the Ontario Science Center (without all the science stuff). Big, lonely, and ugly-looking.

Download the client and try it for yourself. But be aware there are far better games out there.


One Response to “Inactive Worlds

  • A once bustling but now dead 3D chat. ‘People’ have become such a scarce commodity to the point that world owners are now fighting amongst themselves dishing out insults as a result of the desperate grab for what little people there are in Activeworlds.
    It’s a real pity as it was once a good place to spend an evening on after a hard day’s work, now it’s a ghost town.