The Core: Hollywood Fiction or Science?

Deadly asteroid impacts, reincarnated killer dinosaurs, alien invasions. Just when you thought Hollywood had thrown it all at us, a fresh, new, end-of-the-world scenario opens in theaters tomorrow.this time the action is 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) below our feet in The Core.

It seems the core of the Earth has stopped spinning and is no longer generating the planet’s protective magnetic field. This triggers a cascade of diabolical events for man and beast. Birds can’t navigate and fly erratically into buildings. People with pacemakers unexpectedly drop dead. Massive electrical storms destroy all electronic communication, and unfettered blasts of solar radiation fry the planet.

And unless an intrepid team of “terranauts” journey to the center and start it spinning again, everyone on the planet will be dead within a year.

In The Core, radioactive particles and beams of microwave radiation literally cook the planet. In one scene a microwave beam from the sun slices the Golden Gate Bridge in half. Electrical super storms, triggered by the loss of the Earth’s magnetic field, destroy Rome’s Coliseum.

It has all the makings of a blockbuster.and it may not necessarily all be fantasy.

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