Cuba #3

Phil and I are sitting in the lobby bar, waiting for the bus to take us on the “Jungle Tour” excursion. This is where you get to drive your own speedboat around in the marshes of Cayo Coco. It’s only for about 2 hours, but promises to be a nice diversion from all the drinking.
Last night we caught up with a couple from Halifax and an Irish couple from outside Dublin. Despite being in their 50s, these guys got pretty boisterous after a good amount of drinking. I personally like to hang with the 20-something crowd, as these older couples only ever talk about their kids, and couple-related things, such as mortgages and RRSPs. Angela and Tony (the Irish couple) kept up this clever banter and argued so much, you wondered “who’s the boss”? Seriously. Angela and Tony. Angela kept remarking how much I reminded her of her son. She then commented on how kids these days always wanted tattoos and piercings and crazy-coloured hair. I refused comment, but was shocked when she said her son was 19. I took this as a compliment.

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