Cuba #4

Lobby Bar – we’ve just returned from almost getting killed in a boating accident on the Jungle Tour. There are two kinds of people: Drivers, and people who can only play “Blood Wake”. Phil is the latter, and agrees that he should never be called upon to pilot any water craft.
I, myself, took a little while to get into it (quoting Han Solo on several occasions). I eventually picked up the skill, and was zooming around like a mini-James Bond villain. I’d do it again anytime. We were piloting a small fibreglass speedboat, and we had several problems, including a stalled engine, getting tangled up in the marsh, and almost capsizing. It was awesome.
The most terrifying moment was perhaps when we were just getting released from the dock, trying to pilot through the shallow channel, I hear Phil pushing the throttle on FULL, saying “so it drives opposite of a car?” Immediately after that, we were pulling foliage out of our teeth, and getting a tow from the nice Cuban gentlemen. It took two other boats to pull ours free.