Flying to Brisbane

Huzzah! Posting from the Sydney airport, waiting for a flight to Brisbane. Pretty cewl setup here… only $4 (payable in coins) for 20 min of web surfing. Gives me a chance to update the old blog in short order, without using any credit cards, or anything complicated. Unfortunately, the keyboard is essentially a flat metal panel, with a bunch of rubberized keys, spaced way too far apart, and placed too irregularly to be an efficient typing interface… but perhaps they didn’t expect it to be used with loads of typing.

Got to try out a few bottles of Norman’s (Dad’s cousin) scotch collection last night. Of note was the Lagavulin (16 year) from Islay. It was a really nice, smokey scotch, apparently because of the amount of peat smoke which ends up in the resulting distill. Another was the Aberlour, which is made by the Glenlivet distilleries in Speyside. It was too smooth for me… I could have easily finished off the bottle (and probably damaged myself). Norman and R’s favourite was the Scappa, another island malt from the Orkney islands.

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