Wedding over – Found internet

Sitting here in Coloundra, Queensland, in a tourist store that luckily has internet access. I was going to try to get online at the mall in Maroochydore, but the kiosks weren’t working. So it was either sit in the photo-sticker booth and get some stickers made, or continue shopping for these mysterious Blundstone boots. Apparently they’re much cheaper (and more accessible) in Australia, but I remain skeptical. The one store I found them at in Sydney had them prohibitively expensive compared to Toronto. So I’ll wait until I get home before splurging… and I’m not even sure I want a pair of these miracle boots either.

Anyhoo, the wedding went off without too many hitches, and I even got credited for a couple of good toasts at the reception — my idea was that if anyone wanted to make a toast, or go on about the bride and groom, they had to do it in haiku form. That actually kept the toasts to a minimum. Here was mine:

Steve and Michelle
What a couple of cute kids
Marriage bliss starts now

Going to head back to Brisbane tomorrow, then catch a flight back to Sydney, then back home (eventually). I’m really beginning to look like my passport, so it’s time to come home….

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