Sitting in the lobby of the grand Metropolitan Motor Inn, in Brisbane. It’s around 8pm on Thurs. I’m kinda surprised such an economy hotel has 3 internet kiosks, but who am I to argue? It’s a cool place, at the corner of Little Edward and Leichhardt St. I’d recommend it if you haven’t got the $177 AUS to spend on a deluxe, by-the-river hotel room, like at the Ibis….

Got all my touristy stuff out of the way, and even checked out the Underwater World (a typical aquarium place, but with a Honda full of water and fish) at Mooloolabah (sp?). I haven’t been able to remember how to spell/pronounce half of the places around here — it’s no point even asking for directions, unless you have a map, and have them circle the destination.

Flying back to Sydney tomorrow night, and will spend maybe 3 hours in a hotel, waiting for my flight home.

I miss my house. I miss my cats. I miss my job. Hope they’re all still there when I get back.