Brisbane at night

The place really picked up last night as we went out on the town. Stopped in at an open-air bistro/bar and got a couple of pints and some thai noodles in broth. I was a little surprised that the weather was still pretty warm, even though it’s supposed to be “winter” and “cold”.

The crowd really increased in general attractiveness since the afternoon. Not that Australians are generally striking in any way (no offence intended to any Aussies), but this crowd was much more styling, since it was evening. People in suits and ties, women all “tarted-up” etc….

One really interesting thing was that I saw my exact double last night. He was eating at the same cafe as we were. Weird weird weird… he even had glasses and a goatee similar to mine. One thing though, he was a complete bloke, and while I was lounging in my hawaiian shirt and jeans, he was all decked out in sports gear: from the ball cap with team logo on it, to his Nike cross-trainers and white track pants. Strange-looking fellow, he was.

Not much time left on this kiosk. Going to look for a book to read on the flight home, and maybe pick up a few other neat things before I get outta here. Cheers.

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