Sydney Airport

Had a pretty good night’s sleep in an Ikea-styled room at the Ibis hotel in Sydney. The room was 30% smaller than a normal hotel room and much more efficient. Like showering in a VW bus, the bathroom was more a of cool efficiency than what you’d normally see in a conventional hotel room.

Unfortunately the night was preceeded by the most stressful day on the whole trip, where S and M waylaid my parents and myself during a mock lunch excursion. Apparently some of the plans to get them out of the beach house went south, and they’d been stewing for quite some time. This plus some miscommunication, plus some strange inter-familial politics caused one of the most stressful outbursts in an open-air Brisbane eatery, and left my mother in tears, and me with a couple of sour senior citizens to drive around for the day.

Luckily, everyone was civil enough by end of day, and we settled into some false smiles, and skin-crawling hugs with everyone before bording the cheapo Virgin Blue flight back to Sydney.

So now, I’m waiting for the shuttlebus to take us back to the airport. One redeeming thing about yesterday’s flight was the capacity to obtain a VB on the flight, along with a couple of packages of biscuits and cheese (the airport kiosk won’t let me use the real word that goes with ‘Ritz’). If my parents hadn’t been there, I would have probably pounded back 3 or 4 Gin and Tonics.

Thanks to Norman and May, who met us at the airport. I think we gave them some starts when I hugged them both and shouted “I missed you guys” at the top of my lungs.

Heading back soon. R’s gonna have to drive me back the final leg, since I’m all backwards here.

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