Home again (jiggity jig)

Well, made it back home, after only about 29 hours of travel, including a 6 hour layover in Vancouver, an hour wait for our luggage, and an hour’s drive back to Kitchener. I like Vancouver personally — I hope to retire there someday. But I don’t like spending extended periods in its airport, especially when loaded down with luggage. We opted not to go on standby, since several full planes were already destined for Toronto. We were also tired of eating airplane food, but not especially hungry for airport food.

I’m giving the airport a bad rap. I shouldn’t really. It’s a very lovely place. I just wish I could have gotten out of there for a while. I also wish there were more things to do for six hours, except shop for Canadian souvenirs, such as the all famous “Moose Droppings”. I could have sat drinking, but why buy expensive airport liquor, when I had a litre of Scapa island malt scotch in my carry-on?

Yes, as is my old habit, I picked up a bottle of liquor for duty free, even though it’s more expensive in Australia than it is here. Think I may have lost a dollar or so in the transaction… I also (smartly) didn’t try buying any Cuban cigars while I was down there, since we had to pass through US customs once again… and let’s be honest, who buys Cuban cigars in Australia to take them back to Canada? Duh!

I mentioned earlier that when you arrive they spray the inside of the plane (while you’re in it) with insecticide. I found out what it was, and it doesn’t look “non-toxic” or “safe” as the flight crew said:

Check out this cewl stuff.

I believe that the Australians are as paranoid about agriculture and introducing new species as the Americans are with national security and introducing terrorists.

Got home, and my new house was pretty much still in one piece, although the cats were looking a lot fatter than usual. Turns out they were fed a month’s supply of cat food in the span of two weeks. Poor little guys have no willpower, let me tell ya. Starting now, we’re all going on diets.

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