Broken Bike

Took a spill just before getting to work today. I was cycling through a construction zone (let that be a lesson for you kids!) and tried a half-assed jump off the sidewalk onto a dirt road bed. Well, I’m not as good with these front shocks as I should be, and landing on my back wheel would have been the best thing in this situation. But I hit with my front wheel first. The shocks went in, and the wheel buckled, and I got pitched. I’m the second person at work in two days to take a spill, and luckily my injuries weren’t bad at all: a bump on the knee and elbow, and some scrapes on my hands. The other guy at work dislocated his shoulder.
The worst part was carrying/walking the bike the remaining 500m to work. Bruised bike, bruised ego, and bruised body. Better than a cup of coffee to wake a person up.

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