Burning on the Grand

Went canoeing on the Grand River today. I’d have taken a picture, but I’ve learned my lesson about taking digital cameras on canoeing trips. It was a pretty good time – we rented some canoes at Canoeing The Grand on Riverbank and King, and headed downstream towards the Cambridge rowing club. It was a 4-5 hour trip, which we finished in 3 hours. Unfortunately, that meant sitting around for about an hour, while we waited for the shuttle to come get us. Next time, I’d try starting in West Montrose or Conestogo. At least then, you end up back where your car is.
My shoulders got a little sunburnt along the way. I put some SPF30 on when we started, but didn’t reapply to my shoulders. My own fault, I guess. As a result, everything around me is just a little more annoying.

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