Took this picture on my way to work today. Just pulled into the cemetery near my house and snapped a picture. This is the Mount Hope Cemetery, and it’s a good sized necro-town, not nearly as big as the Necropolis in Toronto. Now that place is big. Used to walk through that place all the time. Sometimes had picnics there (oh, it’s not as weird as you may think. People used to picnic in cemeteries all the time. This ad for Historic Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis quotes under the list of things you can do as a visitor, “Bring a picnic”). The Toronto Necropolis went all the way down to the DVP, and even had its own crematorium and chapel. Mount Hope isn’t that big, but it does go for three or four blocks in each direction, and has a little maze of roads and pathways. I suppose thousands of dead bodies tend to take up a lot of room if buried properly. No, the Mount Hope isn’t as big as Toronto, and nowhere near as dead as the London, Ont.downtown (heh).

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