Outrunning the Rain

Got rained on while biking home last night from work. I made it as far as the university trail, just north of Columbia St., where there’s this large pond and wide open field (I know, I know, thunderstorms in wide open fields, etc.). I stopped to take a few pictures because the air was so heavy, and the atmosphere was changing every minute. When I left work, about 5 minutes earlier, it was sunny out, and now, the sky was divided like some kind of ethereal yin-yang of blue sky and dark clouds.
So just after I snapped these pictures, I got this dread feeling that I should get going, and quickly! But my cell phone rang, and I figured I should answer it, since I wasn’t on my bike, and it might be R. wondering where I was. She called, asking if I wanted a lift home instead of riding my bike through the rain. I replied that I was already at the university, and was OK so far.
Then I saw it. A cascade of the most intense rain I’ve ever seen, came sheeting its way across the pond, straight at me. All I remember was saying “Aw crap! Got to go!” and hanging up. I was no sooner on my bike, when what felt like buckets of water hit me from behind. What an absolute rush! Trying to outrun the rain, no less. Some balls on me, eh? By the time I got home I was worried that my cell and pager (not to mention my digital camera — I’ve already drowned one digital camera this millenium) were toasted.

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