Supersized He

Went to see “Super Size Me” last night at the Princess. Crazy film. Can’t believe someone would do that kind of thing to his body. Sort of a Michael Moore vs. Jackass. The film introduced some interesting physiological concerns about how fast food can change the way the body operates — certain mechanisms shut down (like his sex drive), and others became strangely sensitive to stimuli (constant headaches, sugar dependency, euphoria when eating fast food, depression). One of the doctors in the film likened the food to a drug, and the overall health effects to alcoholism. Interesting indeed. Shocking. Somewhat unnerving as well. Read about it in my book “Attaining Spiritual Fulfillment by Maximizing your Buffet Dollar.”
Afterwards, we were hungry. Sort of. We didn’t really want to eat anything too greasy, or that might be classified as “fast food,” so we went across the street to the Jane Bond. We ordered salads.

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