“Who” is the First Canadian Prime Minister?

I noticed this while reading an article on how Michael Moore essentially tried to “bully” Pete Townshend into using a Who song in “Fahrenheit/911”. Ironically, I thought “Won’t Get Fooled Again” was in the film already, but when I saw it again, it actually wasn’t there. I simply thought it was. It should have been — would have made a great accompaniment to the George W. Bush quote, “Fool me once…” Neil Young was a suitable replacement, but the Who song would have been a classic.
But enough of that. I was looking at Pete Townshend’s face in this picture, and I got this odd feeling. Something patriotic stirred in my loins. What could it be? Does the guitarist from the Who have some sort of hidden connection to all Canadians? Is Pete the illegitimate love descendent of the Father of Confederation, John A. MacDonald? Perhaps he’s really John A., suffering from Dick Clark syndrome, never ageing, unable to die, except by having his head severed by the sword of Christopher Lambert…. Maybe I’m just trying to fill blogspace by drawing paper-thin conclusions from sheer coincidences. Who knows?
[Pete_Townshend.jpg]   [John_A_MacDonald.jpg]

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