Spent the weekend in Montreal (only a 7 hour drive!) and hung out with some friends there. Got to play my new Trivial Pursuit: Pop Culture Edition. Yah, I know — go all the way to La Belle Province, and play Trivial Pursuit. We hit the town a little later, and got to see many a spectacular restaurant, and got to butcher the French language in a way fitting of all Canadian anglophones.
Not too bad really, if anyone started giving me problems, I’d just yell out: “I’m an American, dammit! You can’t treat me this way!” Either that, or “Hey Buddy, how ya get to Yonge St.?”
We did all the usual stuff: Drove around the Big “O”, ate poutine (I opted out), ate ribs at the Bar-B Barbeque (I had a salad), bought bagels, checked out the Forum, and walked up and down Rue Ste-Denis and Rue Ste-Catherine, hitting all the coffee and head shops.

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