Doppio Espresso?

I’m sitting in a Starbucks on Yonge St., drinking a doppio espresso, whatever that means. I was feeling a little hungry, so I got some kind of pecan tart, something which I regret buying, not because it wasn’t any good, but because it was way too swuh-swuh-sweet. I managed to devour half of it, but I can’t come anywhere near finishing it.
I’m kind of stuck here until the highways clear up a bit — I dropped off some servers at a customer ‘s site and spent some time with them pretty much just looking at the servers and talking about what we did to configure them. It was a late dropoff, so now I can either spend the next 2-3 hours in traffic, or I can spend 2 hours wandering around here, and about an hour on the roads. I *did* spend a lot of time with the customer talking about the servers and what they needed to deploy them (they’ve got a new intern who’s going to be dedicated to our software maintenance, so I gave him the rundown on what was going on), so I *might* be able to expense some dinner while I wait for the traffic to subside. I’m not very hungry at this point, due to the sugar bomb that hit me. But I might be a little hungry later — maybe grab a veggie burger at Licks, or perhaps I can get to that place at Gerrard and Logan. Unfortunately, I forgot where I was headed today, and I’m up near St. Clair station. So, driving around downtowm T.O. is probably off the list.
There’s a lot of stylin’ people outside the window. I keep forgetting how fashionable these metro-people are. Of course, there’s a whole lot of unstylish people around too (I’m one of them), but that makes the other ones seem that much more stylish. Remind me to get better dressed when I head up here for a visit.

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