Message from Abroad

Got this email from my Dad. He sent it from an internet cafe (of all things). He and my mom are touring around Europe. Why Europe? I suppose it’s what retired people do. My dad wanted to take my mom to see her birth city, and get her back to her roots. I think it’s neat that they got out and went to see the “old country”. I think my mom secretly wanted to go, even though it sounds like she wasn’t interested in being there.
“We found an internet cafe in Dubrovnik so we thought we would get in touch. Weather has been cool until we got to southern Dalmatia. Dubrovnik is a beautiful city and we will spend three days here. Mum has been conversing with the natives in their own tongue and getting along quite well. Home in about a week. hope all is well with you and R. take care love mum and dad.”

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