Blogging from the Starlight “can”

Blogging from the starlight. Pretty cewl night tonight. Here with a bunch of friends, sitting in a retro 70’s living room mockup while our friends dance away to disco music. Dj Charless is spinning tonight, and aside from a minor technical difficulty earlier, it’s been a great show.
Did some tequila shots with a couple of guys from work, and we discussed the proper euphemism to reference to a woman’s backside. We standardized on “can”. “Ass” seemed too dirty or sexy, depending on the context; “caboose” seems to imply that it was really large; “butt” and “bum” seemed OK, but rather generic; “booty” seemed a little ghetto, and someone might mistake it for a pirate’s treasure; so we came to a consensus on “can”. It’s aptly crass, but generic, and certainly a common word — could easily be passed during normal conversation without too much fear of being overheard, especially by the person with the “can”.
When I told R what we were discussing, she quickly nixed the term, saying it sounded too much like something you go to take a crap in. Her point was well taken, and we began deliberation again.
We had earlier standardized on “rack” in reference to breasts.

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