Pimping at Starlight

Had a wild time last night. We were celebrating … err, something to do with end of year and X-mas stuff. Something. Not that we needed an excuse to go drinking, but it was for a guy at work who was leaving town to visit his parents in Seattle. We went to his house and had some drinks, then went to the Starlight for dancing and more drinks. Before we left his place, he yelled out “Gotta do some shooters before we go!” which was a fine idea, but he had only white rum, vodka, some kind of bitter, and peach schnapps. Me, I wasn’t keen on drinking any of these straight, but I would have picked vodka over the popular choice of schnapps. Yuck. I drank another beer just to get the peach taste out of my mouth.
Starlight was awesome, and there were ninjas and a big bearded guy dressed up in fur-lined red velvet. He kept yelling “Ho Ho Ho,” so we knew he was a pimp. Seriously. The pimp guy and the ninjas are a regular sight at Starlight on Fridays. Most memorable points (aside from the pimp and ninjas, etc.) were getting hit on (yeah, still got it), and getting caught in a drunken gang-hug by the guys from work.