Friday Night Abstraction

Had an early nap so I could head out to Abstract with a bunch of (younger) friends from work. They started partying early on, and were completely hosed by the time I showed up. The lineup was pretty big, but it moved quickly, and soon I was able to get inside to meet my friends. Unfortunately, I got a work page while in the lineup, but it was a fairly simple question (not an emergency), and it passed the time until I got inside.
I was a little late in getting to Abstract, so I drove, and as a result, didn’t do any drinking. So I became the ad hoc designated driver and drove the kids home afterwards. There was further partying to be done, but I declined, favouring a warm bed over slurred socializing.
One of the few things that makes Abstract palatable is being drunk and listening to fun 80’s music. Without the drinking, it becomes somewhat less palatable, and to go on any other night is probably not a good idea for me.

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