Coco Pina

Ate a great meal tonight with some of Blair’s Death Sauce, and I treated it like ketchup. I’m beginning to build up quite the tolerance to hot foods, and am thinking of moving up to the next level …. Blair’s After Death Sauce. It’s not as tasty, since it has capsicum extract in it, making it very much hotter than a regular sauce. R wants me to hurry up and eat this “Chicken” Bangalore and be done with it. She then wants me to take a spice holiday… whatever that means. I’m thinking of Cuba.
There were some left over canned pineapple in the fridge, so we made Pina Coladas tonight. A little canned pineapple, a little powdered coconut milk, some overproof rum, and some icing sugar in the Vitamix — voilà. The cats were endlessly fascinated by the little paper parasols and the wooden tiki mugs (which were cursed, of course).
“… and suddently the entire stadium starts shouting ‘Coco Pina!'”

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