Boxing Day Preposterousness

Took advantage of the Boxing Day madness and went shopping. Actually, it was more like taking a longdrive through the congested streets of Kitchener, remarking on how many other people were driving themselves crazy, looking for a bargain. We drove past the parking lot at Best Buy down on Fairway and saw cars packing into the parking lot, parked illegally on the street, and strewn just about anywhere else you could fit a car. It was as if some well-connected fundamentalist had found an image of Jesus in a DVD case and spread the word. All these pilgrams flooding into Best Buy as if the future of the free world depended on them being there.
Needless to say, we didn’t hit Best Buy, but instead found the nearest store which had no cars in its parking lot. This, as it turned out, was a Moore’s clothing store, which must have overestimated the need for suits on Boxing Day. There were between 8-10 staff, and only two customers — us. Not that we were actual customers. Just after entering, we were swarmed upon by this mob of salespeople, including several teal-clad women (I don’t know what the deal is with teal), who asked me if we were getting married, and if that’s why I was looking for something formal. We fled the place as quickly as we could.
Eventually, we came across Natural Sound on Victoria (strangely uncrowded), and I was able to grab a sweet deal on a Yamaha receiver and a pair of Paradigm rear-channel speakers. Next on my list is to get a good pair of fronts, followed by a centre channel and a subwoofer.
This morning, I’m heading to a buddy’s house to watch 11 hours of Lord of the Rings. There’s going to be lots of beer, hobbits, CGI-effects … and maybe we’ll even play a little RISK. Lord, am I nerding it up today.

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