City Cafe Gelato Paintery

Went to City Cafe Bakery this morning for some grub, but couldn’t get a table. Not too surprising, since they do a brisk business on Sunday, and they only have 8 tables, but we were a little disappointed nonetheless. I bought a dark roast cup of coffee, a butter tart (which I ate while waiting by the toaster), and a toasted bagel. We paid up (rather, R. paid, and I just looked confused by the large crowd), and took off for some stores. Some guy was really interested in my hat, but stole my plastic knife, so I guess that evened things out. I’m sure he didn’t mean to steal my knife, but it still seems weird, since it was on my plate, and he was watching me while I used it to cut the bagel in half. Maybe he couldn’t find any other knives…
Caught up with Elbie for some late lunch: some gelatos and coffee at the gelato place in Waterloo. I sampled some dill pickle gelato (yeesh!) and washed my mouth out with an Italian soda and a cup of coffee. Later, Clevermonkey stopped by (I know, small world), and we hung out for a bit, then went to look at books.
Started priming some boards, getting ready to paint again. That’s a big step for me … means I’m getting back into the painting mood again (huzzah!). Buying a table-top easel was the real trigger for me — I picked that up last week (?) while decogrrl was still in town. Picked it up for $54, and its list price was about $159. Pretty swank deal, if you ask me.

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