Starlight de Soleil

Hung out at the Starlight last night. Pretty kewl time. DJ Charless was spinning disco tunes, and everybody (mostly University chicks — lots of them) was getting down. There was a bit of a mix-up earlier, so I ended up being the designated driver for the night — only cranberry juice and sodas all night. Too bad — I was getting geared up for a night of some good drinking.
Afterwards, for some inexplicable reason, we all went (girlfriends in tow) to Roxanne’s — a Waterloo strip-clup. These aren’t my thing, and I find nothing sexy about being in a club with a bunch of white trash thugs (men and women), watching women strip and dance around brass poles to distorted blaring, tinny music, and being narrated by a loud foul-mouthed MC. Have to say, though I was quite impressed by the athleticism of the dancers — kind of like a dirty version of Cirque de Soleil. Or some kind of obscene Olympic gymnastic event. Still pretty cool — but just not very sexy, especially not for a designated driver.

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