1842 (or something)

Sitting in 1842 tonight, for lack of a better idea. Actually, I had several good ideas tonight, but didn’t really feel like doing any of them (enough to actually do them). A partial list of things I was going do do is as follows:
-see a film at the Princess
-eat some pub grub (with a pint of Guinness)
-watch one of those Jackie Chan films I picked up cheap
-jam with a buddy from work (he cancelled)
-read some more of “Maggie Cassidy”
Actually, I wasn’t even going to come out to 1842 either, and at the last moment, almost took off my coat and shambled downstairs to stare at the TV (not *watch* it, mind you, just drink beer and stare at it). But I made myself leave the house and now I’m here. I even started reading “Undead and Unwed” (much to my own embarrassment., and now I can’t put it down … except to post a blog entry from a café. So now, I’m drinking another tall Americano and poking away at the Netbook just because it’s cool. Also, they make a good Americano here.
The place is actually starting to get busy, and a lineup has formed by the counter. Looks like a class got out or something. Maybe a movie just finished up. Or possibly, like myself, everyone else managed to get off their asses and get out to the café. It would be funny to see them all pull out laptops and start blogging. No … that would be kind of scary.
Was actually going to see “Kinsey” tonight at the Princess, but R wants to see it too. This is one of the few movies she wants to see, so I don’t want to go by myself, when there are so many other films I can see without her. I was considering seeing “What the Bleep Do We Know,” since a guys at work said it was the worst movie ever. I pointed out a few others for comparison, including “The Pirate Movie” and “I Spit on Your Grave,” but he shrugged these off. “Go see this,” he said. “It’s the absolute worst film I’ve ever seen.” So, of course, I was interested. I love a challenge. Unfortunately, it’s not playing anymore, so it was either “Ray” or “Kinsey”, and I didn’t really want to see “Ray”.

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