Chilli 1842 painting

Blogging from Cafe 1842 tonight. Drinking a tall double Americano and reading the Princess schedule. Was thinking of going to see “The Machinist,” but I figure I’ll catch it later. Apparently Christian Bale drops down to 98 pounds for this film… pretty intense filmmaking at work. I haven’t been to the Princess Twin yet, but it looks a little too clean and new for me — I’m a little uneasy walking around it. Also, there were some rumours of how the owner is pushing people around and beeing generally disagreeable in the Waterloo business community. So here I am, furthering such rumours without actually validating their content. In fact, these things apparently happened to a friend of a friend of mine, so it *must* be true.
The servers at 1842 are really getting to know me, it seems. I now get a “Hey, how’s it going,” now instead of the usual “Hi, how can I help you,” which is nice. All they need are some nice desserts, and I might hang around more often. I had lunch here a little while back, and found the sandwich to be pretty good. Apparently, you can get a “build your own” deli sandwich, which they make upstairs, but I got the grilled vegetable sandwich on a ciabatta bun. It was good. Not spectacular, or anything, but good. I don’t think I’ve found any kind of “spectacular sandwhich” in this town, but I’m still looking.
Going to make some chilli tonight when I get home. I’ve already eaten (cream of tomato soup and toast), but I want to have some chilli for lunch tomorrow. R wants it relatively unspicy, but wants me to use up the rest of the jalapenos in the fridge. This will be a difficult task, since those guys are pretty spicy. I think I might be able to pull it off if I cook the peppers beforehand, and remove the seeds. This might work — and will make one tasty bowl of chilli.
Going to see if I can get some painting done as well tonight. The chilli’s going into the slow cooker, so there’s not much that needs to be done there. I have a painting on the go, and I want to get it finished up, if possible. I’ve got some other cool ideas and want to get to them ASAP, but the workbench is only so big. I’m currently using some foam piping to form a relief pattern, rather than using the expensive gel that I used in a previous painting. If this works, I’ll get the same desired effect, for much less money. I’ve been sketching out painting ideas in my Kyocera, on its little colour doodle app in the memopad. This is a great way to test out an idea with colour while I’m waiting in the dentist’s office, for example. Maybe I’ll try out one of those ideas on a masonite board….

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