Talked with my dad today about my brother’s new kid. Sounds like he actually is a little disappointed with the whole name thing — although R reminded me that he could be a little tired of listening to my mom go on about it. That sounds more like him, but at the time, he seemed really, genuinely, upset at the prospect of the last name being hyphenated for the child. I have no idea why people have problems with the whole Zachary Aidan Foo-Bar name is a bad one, or why it’s preferable to Zachary Aidan Bar-Foo. Certainly the difficulty stems from the husband and wife not having the same last names. But I think it’s pretty fair to let the child decide what they want to do when they get on with their own life.
I, personally, like the idea of not naming a child until they are old enough to choose their own name. I’ll agree that there are some clerical issues that may arise from this, such as not having a proper birth certificate information.

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