Zachary Aidan

Zachary Aidan is my new nephew’s name. Sounds like a perfectly serviceable name to me, but wouldn’t have been my first choice. I’m just bitter that no one asked me for input. Not that I deserve any kind of input in this kid’s life, but I like to help out when naming things and people. I really like that it begins with a Zed, just like good old Zuckervati.
Another thing I like is the compromise made for Zachary Aidan’s last name. This was a bit of a sore point with my mom and dad (mostly my mom). That the child would not be given the “family name”. My mom’s still sore that my brother’s wife didn’t take our family name — though this should not have come as a surprise to S + M, given that I went through this hassle some time ago. The official last name is the standard hyphenated jobbie that is so common with progressive families these days.

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