Justifiably Paranoid

So, it’s been a couple of days and I’m still a little shaky about the whole “break-in that was not much of a break-in” thing. Even though nothing was stolen, I’m finding it hard to break that whole violated feeling. R likes to point out that I was pretty paranoid before the break-in, so it’s not much difference, except that I was perhaps justified in my paranoia. So now, as I walk through the house, I keep getting ideas about how to improve my situation, by leaving a light on here and there, possibly buying some timers, fixing a door, locking a window, etc.
To help alleviate the problem we went out to a friend’s party last night. It was cool, but it was a work party — a house-warming of sorts. Several people from work showed up, and I never got as relaxed as I wanted to … mostly because everyone wanted to talk about the break-in. Several rumours and theories started up about crime in Canada, and I was even told about this secret underground market, where you specify an appliance and a brand, and someone would go steal it for you.
So that didn’t help much. The one thing that did help was simply getting on with my life, worrying about real problems, not imaginary ones.

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