Happy Leaster!

I’m sitting in 1842, by the window facing Princess St., drinking a tall Americano in a white ceramic cup. The staff didn’t give me much of a greeting this morning, but that’s ok, since I’m just in the mood to sit quietly and type away at the Netbook.
OK, so the last thing I was expecting today was more snow. I promised, some time ago, that I wouldn’t ever complain about the heat in summertime. That part of the bargain has been honoured. I just want to point that out, so we can get on with the summery weather again.
The week’s been dragging on and it’s finally Friday (er, Thursday). At least we have a day off tomorrow. I could really use a couple more days off, and I have no bones about someone’s messiah dying so that I don’t have to work. Maybe we could have the Leader rendered technically dead for a couple of minutes in order to get a holiday out of it… I’m sure Leader would jump at the chance to help me out on ths. Maybe we could get the beer industry to sponsor it. We could call it “Awesome Friday” or “Leaster” In the event that it doesn’t work out, I’ve saved up a couple of in-lieu days, so I may take Monday off as well. Apparently Christ’s rebirth wasn’t important enough to give everyone a day off. Ah well.
I kind of like the nebulous Canadian holidays which we celebrate, but can’t really explain the origins of. Like Boxing Day, or Thanksgiving, or “August Civic Holiday”, for example. I bet most Canadians wouldn’t be able to tell you why we celebrate Thanksgiving… I mean, sure, they’d tell you all about how we celebrate, and spout off all this crap about turkey and pilgrims and Indian corn, or whatever, but when you tell them that it’s the Americans who actually got this thing started (and in a different month, to boot!) they get all flustered.