Really busy with the drinking

Been a busy weekend. Did some drinking and socializing every night so far — in some cases, we were even double-booked, since everything’s been on such short notice. Such short notice, that on Thursday, we still didn’t have anything planned. I’m glad I was able to book Monday off. I really need this extra day off from work — just to recover from all the days off work.
To top it all off, I’ve had a hard time focusing on just one thing at a time. I wanted to clean out the garage, clean out my car, get some painting done, and get that new batch of hot sauce made. I really only got some painting done, but that’s just fine by me. I’m not going to overdo it just to get a few extra things done on my day off.
Today, I’m going down to visit my parents, and pick up a load of bottles. They managed to bring back some 12oz BBQ bottles from Florida, so I can get that big batch done just in time for the barbeque weather. I’m thinking of shovelling the back porch just to get at the barbeque and try out the first outdoor cooking of the year.
L&R are here — still sleeping. They came down at the last minute and we went to dinner at Classic Indian. This was the double-booking problem we had: We already had priors, so we gave them a place to sleep, and left them to visit friends here in KW, while we went off to Guelph to look for a non-existent blues club. We ended up spending a couple of pitchers at Van Gogh’s Ear, then headed to the Manor house for some strippers. Again — not my choice, but I was just the driver for the evening.

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