OK, so Spring is here…

Well, it really looks like Spring is here. I stood in my driveway and, for the first time in a couple of months, didn’t feel claustriphobic from the large mountain of snow which obscures the garage. That mountain is gone now (although much of it flooded *into* the garage) and I finally felt it was time to get ready for the rest of Spring. I want to get at the garage and begin its conversion into a viable art studio. The first part will likely be to prevent water from flooding in during the winter. As soon as I discovered this, I had to move all my paintings to higher ground, and make sure nothing was on the floor that might rot or get wrecked by water damage. Luckily, the “flooding” was limited to a slight trickle which froze quickly.
I’m going to have to raise/level the floor, or at least but a lip at the front of the garage. I also need to replace the existing door(s) and probably fix up the window. Later, I’d like to finish the ceiling, finish the walls, insulate it, and probably put in a skylight. If I’m really feeling ambitious, I might want to run electrical outlets around it, put in a sink, and perhaps a separate closet for gardening tools. A cheaper alternative to the gardening closet might be a separate shed for that equipment. There’s a lot of room in the back yard — it’s quite deceptive.
Anyway, Spring… Cool. Glad it’s finally here. And even before the end of March.

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