Nice day for a Spring review

Nice day today. It’s cloudy out, and it looks like rain is imminent this morning. But it’s nice and warmish. And the snow’s melting. All in all, a nice day today. Also, it’s payday.
Tall Americano this morning at 1842. Love the drink, hate the country (har). Actually, the country’s fine. Just a little scary these days. It’s gotten so I’d have an easier time going to Cuba for vacation than St. Pete’s in Florida. Now that’s pretty weird, no? When it gets so that I have a harder time getting into the U.S. than Cubans have getting *out* of Cuba … well, then I’ll stay home.
Got my review (finally) at work yesterday. It was positive. Very positive. Perhaps this means I’ll get a raise or something, but I’ll wait and see. It *does* mean I’m eligible for some training, so I’m picking an advanced UNIX course, or a basic development course — something like that. Maybe a management course, so I can move into something a little higher up. I love telling people what to do.
Concerned with mostly domestic chores when I’m not at work these days, sort of a Spring Cleaning thing. There’s mountains of laundry to be done (does fabric softener go bad?) and a never ending sea of dishes flooding around me. I’d really like to get one of those dishwasher things I’ve been hearing about. Probably isn’t going to happen until I get the kitchen redone, and the kitchen’s not very high on the list, what with the prohibitive cost associated with getting new cupboards and countertops. On the up side, my fridge is no longer the property of Sears.
The pond is mostly thawed out. In another week or so, we might get it cleaned out and throw those goldfish back into it. R’s threatening to leave them in there next winter, since they devoured most of her fish and aquatic plants while we kept them indoors. We were pretty sure the Beta fish was eaten as well, but we found him in a really tight spot, somewhere near the back corner of the tank. All his hiding spots are gone now, and he’s had to fend off the goldfish since then.
Still, it’s a nice day out. Sunny or no. The only time I’ll care about sun or rain is if I’m not spending the entire day in an office.