Day of the Drama

I take it all back. It’s not a nice day. It’s a beeeutiful day. One of those really neat days full of sun and wind and clouds and … well, drama. I felt like I was about to be engulfed by a sunny tornado, it was so windy outside. There were rainbows, and shafts of light (as seen in Dürer woodcuts) and swiftly moving shadows along the ground. And it wasn’t cold. That’s the big one. Usually my very Canadian memories of this kind of weather also have an aspect of bone-chilling cold. This was conspicuously absent today, and I’m all the more thrilled by it.
I’ll be up in Toronto tomorrow, grabbing some servers from a customer (you know … the customer), so my day will be a bit of a waste. But maybe I’ll be able to make a short stop at Cheap Thrills to get some new tires/rims/whatever. I’ve heard you can get a bit of a deal from them on end-of-line rims, and mine are looking a little 90’s, if you know what I mean. Also, I need to put these damn winter tires away for the season… The front tread is really wearing away, and if I run these another season, they’ll be no good as winter tires. So, replacement tires first, rims second.