Cartoony Coffee

Grande latte at Starbucks this morning on the corner of King and Weber. I would have liked to go to 1842 today, since I appear to be a regular there now. But, Starbucks was on my way to work, and I had to go to Canadian Tire to pick up some tie-down straps for later today. Four big IBM 2-U rackmount servers in my trunk. Gonna need those straps to keep everything from flying all over the place.
This place is like the McDonald’s of the coffee shop world. Everything’s the same, but far more cartoony: the granola chicks behind the counter; the Sarah Mclaughlin cd playing (“Sweet Surrender”, of course); the trendy old people; the power office woman aggressively talking on her cellphone; the sensitive pony-tail guy; the faux-foreign drink names; even the bald guy with the goatee sitting in the corner, working on a miniscule laptop (oh, wait). Aww, I’m probably being mean. This place isn’t any different from any of the coffee houses in San Francisco, or even Waterloo (although the coffee is arguably a little better).
All the wind yesterday brought out one massively sunny day today — a little cooler too. Apparently, we’re supposed to see some snow this weekend. (sigh).
Still feeling poor, despite having a little money in my accounts now. R’s given me a “-1 sympathy” count, so I shouldn’t really worry about it. I just looked at my balance, then subtracted all the stuff that needed to be done to the car and the house, and … OK, I still had some left, but it was noticeably lower. Nowhere near the pre-house levels.
Got a loaner on a Blackberry yesterday. It’s a big one: big, clear screen, with GPRS, and web accessible (for whatever reason). It’s probably identical to the one I’ll get as an eventual replacement for the one I dropped in the toilet. Ah, well, the silence was good while it lasted.

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