Not everyone was dead

HUZZAH! Apparently not all the goldfish are dead! I could have sworn I saw one moving the other night, but didn’t want to seem patronizing, so I was quietly optimistic about the state of the fish. Turns out two are still alive and kicking. The other two… well, lets just say the neighbourhood cats have full bellies tonight. Actually, I think R just scooped them up and threw them out.
We did a little more cleanup last night and filled a bunch of those enormous Canadian Tire paper leaf bags. We also took turns pulling them over our heads and making giant paper bag puppets. My neighbours are pretty convinced that we’re both insane.
There’s still a lot more to do in the back yard, but we’re going to finish it up before anything can start growing on us. There’s some idle discussion about replacing the trellises with something in wrought iron, or repainting deck, but nothing serious yet.

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