Cold Tuesday Morning

It’s cold this morning. Sunny, but cold. I’m noticing it more because I didn’t put on a coat before leaving the house. Just that hoodie with the orange stripe along the arm. I figured I’d just get in my car, and that would be it. But it’s pretty cold. Also, I shaved my head the other day, so even when the cat walks by, I feel a breeze on my head.
1842 is quiet today, and the sun’s coming in through the east window, making it nice and toasty in here. My double Americano is in a smaller vessel today, and it’s strong and hot. It’s in one of those big ceramic mugs that weighs about 5 pounds when it’s empty, but no complaints this morning. There’s only maybe 6 other people in here. A casual business couple is sitting quietly at one of the center tables, talking quietly about problems with work … with their respective relationships. They are not seeing each other, but they seem fascinated by each other. That’s apparent.
I get a new water softener tomorrow. Plumber-guy is coming in at 8, and he may not be finished before I have to drive to Toronto to drop off some servers. I probably won’t be able to leave KW until after noon, meaning I either go get dinner in Toronto, or else I have to deal with rush-hour traffic on my way out of town. Maybe I’ll head over to that awesome buddhist restaurant at Gerrard and Logan: Simon’s Vegetarian Wok. Mmmn. They made the best beancurd rolls.

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