Waiting for my coffee

Cafe 1842 is bustling this morning. I was standing in line for longer than I expected. But the same cheery hospitality met me when I finally got my turn (I’m still waiting for my coffee, BTW). Weather is nice, and I was going to bike to work, but I figured it’s going to rain today, and I wanted to get in a little blogging beforehand. So no bike for me.
I picked up a neat book from Home Despot last night, while buying some cement to fix the patchy sidewalk in front of my drive way. I wanted something that would help coach me on finishing my garage, but there’s nothing specific that I could find that covered it. The garage is kind of like a basement, with cinderblock walls, and a concrete floor. It’s also kind of like an attic, since it’s got exposed rafters, and a loft (of sorts — certainly nothing that you could actually live in). So this book was perfect. It was Black and Decker’s book on how to finish your attic or basement. So, it’s got everything. Looks like a big job (*yikes*). The first thing I need to do is finish the floor. Going to have to clean it thoroughly, then apply some leveling compound to help prevent water from getting in during the winter. I was thinking of putting some kind of sill in at the front, and replacing the fold-up door with something similar to carriage house doors (the major door companies don’t seem to make these). Once that’s done, it’s waterproof and frame the walls, then the roof, etc. I’d still like to put a skylight in, and the book also covers this. But first things first. Get the floor done.
(sigh) Still waiting for that coffee.

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